Thursday, October 08, 2009

45lbs Gone!!

Well hubby just got done 2 days off & we had a BLAST!
Watching movies, getting things cleaned up & renovation wise stuff, errands, lunch together, etc etc TONS OF FUN!

As of today 45lbs GONE!

I probably could of done more but I know I slipped up quite a bit with Grandma passing and me being very upset I couldn't make the funeral I know she would understand but still I ate junk food galore for a couple days and didn't watch my carb/cal count. I am still upset and sad shes gone but I need to get on track, we wanna start a family & have a big family so well you know!

I started seeing a new doctor too, he has me eating whatever just whole grain no giving up bread, pasta and rice and potatoes like that other doctor, but I have to keep it in moderation of course. I had fries the other day (small) from a diner we go to, with a turkey Ruben let me tell you YUMMMMMMMY! I forgot how good it tasted! Had Chinese while back to watched my counts of course, but had some Lo Mein YUM! lol. Feels great to eat this stuff again and lose the weight too! I hope this keeps up! *knock on wood* And things will go alright with my test results cause I hope by the new year or next spring we get the go ahead on starting a family, it would be great... selling this house for a bigger one, get the okay to start a family, be absolutely awesome! Here is to hoping!

Well as of today 55lbs to my goal of 150lbs but according to the weight/height chart it's saying my max ideal weight is 130-145.... I will just have to see what my doc and my OBGYN says. I did 15 miles on my bike in 45 mins the other day, have to see what I can do today.

I wanna get back in shape and fit like I was 10 years ago... I used to be skinny Minnnie but I had some muscle curves cause I hit the gym ALOT but I don't wanna go back to being that thin but muscle wise is good but that was to thin waist wise ... After I quit smoking (9 years ago) I gained 110lbs... junk food and fast food was my friend for cravings I gained that weight in about 6 - 12 months, having a ex-boyfriend who was lazy as fuck didn't help matters as well as friends that where on the big side too. Now time to get on track not just for me but hubby and our future kids so we can all have a long life together ^_^

Also having the support & encouragement from all you friends has been a awesome help too, thank you!! I love you guys! <3

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