Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fun Fun & Moar Fun!

It's been months of fun since hubby started his new job, every weekend we get when he's off work we play our D20 games with awesome friends like Kevin, Jason, Bruce and when Vince & Kim can make it and Mike one of hubbys old Army buddies when he is on leave. It's just been tons of fun.

This month is full of gaming but also hanging out with new friends (in between renovation work of course lol), the guys from hubbys work. We get together once in awhile and watch football, play guitar hero and rarely follows with some beer.... Not enough to get hammer'd but just enough to get a small buzz (3-4 beers) which is good for hubby & I. We are not heavy drinkers like we used to be cause well it causes problems.

I like having new friends and old friends and some friends we just like to keep out of our picture cause well they caused huge problems and they are not there anymore permanently, so yeah that's where they will stay for good cause we can't stand them.

This weekend is a Grad party for our one friend she's graduating hair dressing school, gratz girl! We are going to head over for a couple hours to say, "Hi" and have some good food & good company. But we are going to have to leave early cause hubby works a double the following day, which is understandable.

The 31st our best friends Forrest and Mandy are getting married so when hubby gets done work that day, off to PARTY some more.

Well housework and workouts done now to play AION! Til hubby gets home then it's biggest loser night AND movie night over dinner. <3

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