Friday, October 09, 2009

The bitch has returned

I said if people can't keep there promises to me, the bitch will be back

Well guess what....

The bitch has returned

Some days I dunno if I even wanna have kids or lose the weight anymore, it's a dream of mine ya but I just dunno anymore. Today I just feel worthless & not good enough, I assume they are two different things heh. But I don't feel like me today, I started thinking about my Grandparents today & how much I miss them, how much I want to call them and say HI but I know I wont hear there voices again now that they are both gone =o(

My day started out ... It was okay

Then shit hit the fan.....

~ Facebook wont load/work (thxfully I know it's not my end)
~ Cat puked on the CLEAN SHEETS I just washed yesterday
~ Browsed though my history folder, shows I can't trust anyone on my fucking computer
~ Now not in any mood to do housework/workout
~ My self esteem went down a few 1000s of notches
~ Remind myself no more video buying FOR AGES
~ Hubby gets no Allowance til the new year

Among one thing after another, I do hope hubby is having a better day then I am.... I also logged into City of Heroes yesterday cause of the free weekend/double xp thing.... yeah bored with it still.... no teams where going on, quiet and of course the usual sillyness, I think people that break promises are bringing out the bitch in me for good.

Tonight is my soon to be sis in laws bridal party, I am not going either.

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