Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Does Today Have In Store

Well it's now Saturday, feeling a lot better today minus the cats walking all over everything I am trying to accomplish lol. Let's see what did I get done today....

~ Helped hubby polish his boots for work
~ Dishes
~ Cleaned down the cupboards
~ Cleaned down & out the microwave
~ Cleaned out the Fridge & Freezer
~ Cleaned down the counter tops
~ Swept & Mopped all floors
~ Cleaned the carpet in the bedroom
~ Made the bed
~ Cleaned the living room
~ Cleaned the bathroom
~ Laundry

Quite a few things really =)

I just got done eating a apple & a spoon of peanut butter, now I have my kitty on my lap, purring his ass off lol. We where to have a moving yard sale today but its TO COLD!

So now that things are all gravy, taking a day off from working out, I am going to kick back & play Aion til hubby gets home, speaking of he should be calling anytime from work on his lunch break to say HI & us tell one another how much we miss & love each other ^_^

I can't complain : )

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