Monday, October 19, 2009

Updates !!

Well it's now October 19th, dang where is time going!

We have been so busy with renovation work & getting things ready for the house to go on the market come spring time has just been flying by! Hubby and his dad laid the concrete yesterday in the basement, the gravel truck should be coming this Saturday to even out the backyard driveway. That way all thats left come spring is the upper driveway & another coat on the deck.

The last of inside that will be done this fall/winter is the Kitchen and Basement, and last touches on the master bedroom so I can move our room back in there, which I can't wait the spare room we are in now is SO TINY I am starting to feel claustrophobic, Hubby and I have alot of work still ahead of us, lucky he gets 3 days off a week but we are ALWAYS busy those 3 days, either D20 fun with friends (if he's off on a weekend) or renovation work or just having us time & enjoying it very much!

But we need to get back to packing shit up, already one side of the basement has some stuff we packed, basement is actually looking like one now instead of a storage bin of old room-mate shit from ages ago. I just can't wait til we are done & we get a new house, which looks clearer and clearer everyday, I hope I can find one like I did when I was looking around to see what was out there, I found a 4bed 2bath for 45,000. It was built in 2003. Very nice too. To bad we where not looking when I found it lol. I am sure something will come up : )

I also bought hubby a early Christmas gift, the WHOLE I mean WHOLE Farscape series on DVD. I found it at a local store for a pretty penny lol. But it was worth it, he is so happy. : )

I have more doc app's coming up, OBGYN see what she says about getting prego soon probably gotta get the rest of this weight off which I am trying but been very frustrating as of late.

Forrest & Mandy are getting married on Halloween, got most of our Christmas shopping done, man again time is just flying by!

Well workout and housework is done time to play Aion til hubby gets home & then it will be movie/dinner time.

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