Sunday, February 10, 2013

8 Years ago, 14 hrs......

Is when hubby & I first met

8 Yrs ago

Hubby drove 14hrs to Canada where I was

Asked me to marry him

We got married

Feb 14th 2005

we drove 14hrs back so I could meet his friends & family

Here we are many years later

All those ppl that said we where/are a lost cause



Who is sitting alone without our friendship, love and more well you might have some of these things but not our friendship/family, I mean you never say crap like this if you where true friends/family

Here is to many more years honey, thank you for amazing 8yrs looking forward to many many more, your the best thanks for all you do for us you make me very happy & I am so glad I make you very happy too =)

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