Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 3

Well since tomorrow is a busy day Ill write day 3 now for when hubby & I first met since I have a moment while hes napping =)

Sunday morning we woke up and had breakfast with my friends at the time, we sat joked and then Danielle decided that she was going to talk about all my embarrassing moments including the ones I was drunk.. not a good idea >_< I mean i was 23 when hubby & I got married i get that but still so embarrassing =P

After breakfast we headed to my dad's so he could meet joel plus joel and I being as old fashioned as we where he wanted to ask for my hand etc, so we got there it was mid afternoon (since we didn't wake up til almost noon) my brother jon boy was cooking up some moose meat, tammy was wandering around, my step mom got off work so she was laying in the bedroom and didn't come out, Terilin was in her room (as usual) and my dad was on the computer, my dad and hubby exchanged hand shakes and then hubby asked my dad, my dad's reply was "shes old enough to make her own choices" not something we where hoping for in a reply but we looked at one another shrugged and moved though the house, my step mom called from the bedroom "she don't know him its not going to work" well here we are 8 years later still going strong and then some and looking to many more years :)

Hubby then got to try moose meat for the first time, he got to see my dad's gun collection he goes hunting with and the moose antlers on the wall and the rest of the house where I kinda grew up, since I moved around a lot as a child.

After we said our goodbyes it was evening time around dinner we decided to go to my apartment and get some of my things and papers I needed to prove i was me etc, I said bye to my kitties I wasn't planning to be gone long since we talked about me visiting his parents and friends for about a week or 2, see which place I liked better then make my choice if i wanted to stay or move to hubbys place, hubby said he would sell his house and everything if I didn't want to stay, so after I got everything we went back to Scott & Danielle's thats where I asked Danielle to be my witness since Scott had to work he couldn't be my second one so we had to pay for another witness.

After we got back we ate dinner with scott and danielle and we went about our business for the evening with music and movies and chatting about the years and all of us continuing to get to know one another =) After sometime we went to bed since we had to be at the place to get married by 11am

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