Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 1

8 years ago today I met hubby for the first time after talking online for 8 months, he drove 14hrs to Canada he showed up at 5:30am at this time we had so much snow & black ice it was -40 degrees he came running up to my apartment door when he seen me we both felt like kids that hadn't seen there best friend in years! ~ He about slipped on black ice running up to me, we hugged one another and smiled. We then went inside to chat for a bit and then we went to a hotel since we didn't want to disturb my roomie when they got home from work, so we left to get sleep for about 3hrs, We woke up & to check our wallets for some change, we both pulled out the same penny same year and smiled at one another, we had kept the same coin in our wallets way before we met, we knew it was fate, he then looked at me and said, "Whatcha say we get married monday, I mean we talked about it and all and well will you marry me?" I said "YES" I then took him to the famous TIM HORTONS for coffee, we told the hotel folks we wanted to check out sunday but they didn't speak english so well they cleaned out our room on Saturday & locked us out, the gifts hubby had for me from his mom where lost :( ~ Thankfully 2 good friends I had at the time let us stay with them in the meantime =) So off we went so he could meet my family & friends and shown him around town and where i grew up =)

Stay tuned for more mushy updates =)

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