Monday, February 04, 2013

Comicon & More Updates!

Well comicon is almost 2 months away

We are so freaken excited!

I got my fem 4 costume, scarf, 4.4lbs of jelly babies, making a Jayne hat for when hubby & I meet up with Adam Baldwin, hubby I am gonna make him wear it since I will already have my hat with fem 4, they finally got a Doctor Who artist ! I am so excited to see, they said this week more announcements to blow peoples socks off are to take place this week, so can't wait!

Hubby & I will be celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary in 10 days!

Those that said we are such a lost cause, whos the lost one sitting in the cold ALONE cause you can't keep your mouth shut on your blog, uh huh yep!

Reason we haven't been around...

Meanwhile other people need to keep to themselves too and grow the hell up >_>

I finally got back at my workout routine today, no more slacking, I have 86lbs to my goal, I had over 156lbs loss back in Summer of 2010 and I was down to 176lbs I started losing in spring 2009 and dropped all that in 19 months, I can do it again I know I can, I graduated high school in 2000 at 135lbs I was always skinny mini but I then quit smoking and gained almost 200lbs, but feels good to be back at it exp since I want to lose some more before our cosplay in April at comicon, .......


We are getting a table

We are getting a panel spot

this is gonna be awesome!

Hubby & I are ready to get a lot of autographs & comic books signed


*does a happy dance with hubby*

We are so blessed and we thank god everyday, now to have those kiddos in the picture which we decided we will also name after our fav comic book characters ^_^

Well workout is done time to get a few things cleaned up play some wow and work on the Jayne hat before hubby gets in from work

Ciao !

PS ..... Traveling the Vortex interviewed myself and about our KC Time Lord & Time Lady group, they will have that podcast this week cya!

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