Thursday, December 23, 2004

When your in Love....

When your in love you do crazy things. Where if it is something small to picking a flower out of a old ladies garden to shoving the one you love away until you get things situated in life. Which when you do that you know both you and the one you love will hurt so deeply. But you should think before you do it, is it really necessary? Can your love survive anything or is it to delicate to handle anything or everything? When you love someone that love should survive anything no matter what the cost. The way I look at it money isn't everything cause when u don't have money you will always have love. Money isn't everything sure it makes you have the things that you need like shelter, food, and warmth or coolness. But if you didn't have those things what would you do? Sure there the basic things you need in life. But what if you where in love and the person you loved was in trouble. Wouldn't you try everything in your power to help them or even be with them. I know I would. Even if it meant leaving other things or people behind that you love. To make sure there ok at least right? Would you wait for them to get everything in order? I know I would and will. But I dunno Im just ranting off today because the pain I feel is unreal. Well Here is a few words on How I feel right now I know its all over but so r my thoughts:

I tried to kill the pain but only brought more I lay dying and I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal I'm dying, praying, bleeding and screaming
do you remember me lost for so long?
will you be on the other side waiting for me like im waiting for you?Or will you forget me?

my wounds cry for the grave my soul cries for deliverance
do you remember me like I remember you?
I lie awake and try so hard not to think of you but I can't because I love you
but who can decide what they dream?
Knowing the pain I feel I can't eat, sleep, or seem to keep motivated.
Because I miss you and love you
I believe in you and I'll give up everything just to find you I have to be with you to live to breathe because you're taking over me
But have you forgotten all I know and all that we had?
You watched me mourning my love for you, you touched my hand
I knew you still loved me then
Baby I believe in you, I'll give up everything just to find you because I have to be with you to live to breathe you're taking over me
looking in the mirror and see your face if I look deep enough so many things inside that are just like you are taking over
Just remember I believe in you I'll give up everything just to find you I will give up everything to be with you Baby, I believe in you, I believe in us I'll give up everything just to find you if u want me to wait I will do so but I have to be with you to live to breathe because you're taking over me
We didn't move to fast we didn't move to slow
Please come and talk to me
I want to be with you right now
I want to ask you
I love you and I want you!
Just remember keep in touch plz!

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