Wednesday, December 01, 2004

WOW! December Already!

Wow! Its December Already! That means a month filled with Birthdays and then Christmas then New Years... I don't know what is going to be what for the holiday's but we will see what happens. Its now 9:55pm and Im sitting here watching TV and doing a bit of chatting then i will go back to job searching .... My work is giving me a hard time and im not getting hrs because I called in when I was in the emergency room with Richard. Oh well it will be there loss there is other places that can use a great worker. I weighed myself again today and i went from 210 to 207.5 which is AWESOME! I wanna get to 200 or less by Jan 1st 2005! I can't believe that either 2005 who would of guessed already.... Damn where is time going... I don't' know what else to type I really haven't been in the typing mood lately. Just with working on my stories. Thats about it. Well Im off.. Im going to watch CSI NY now... byez.!

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