Friday, July 09, 2010

I been officially adopted by my best friends Mom

Yup my friend Yoey's mom told me the other day I am officially her daughter & the kids are my niece & nephews lol. To funny! I have to say I am happy that I have more of a extended family now since my family I did know (Grandpa and Grandma) are not longer with us.... so I need and want as much family as I can get! But having hubbys family, my best friends family & more is always wonderful!

Well time to get hubby's uniforms washed up & finishing up a few things around here while he goes and gets his brother, then I am gonna go & hang out with Jazzy Jered & Jeremy (and Yoey when she gets in from work) ~ Finish up some art projects we started on Wed ~ The guys will be back from NY this weekend!! =)

Well time to finish & head off since hubby is spending time with his bro tonight I need to go amuse myself otherwise and sitting in my room by myself isn't one of them lol


I just want everything to work out honestly but everyone needs to quit acting like jerks and what not cause it is stressful and I am TRYING TO KEEP MY BLOOD PRESSURE DOWN Since my app is on Wed...

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