Monday, July 05, 2010

Thinking Of Things To Do....

Well summer is now here, kids outta school
Ever since I spent all that time with my friends and there kids, since I been back home been going a bit stir crazy exp most of all when hubby is at work, I wanna hang out with them & the kids and have some fun, my friend Jonathan said when they get back from NY they are gonna go to the theme park, which I wanna go too! He told me no excuses they where gonna take me weather I liked it or not since I NEVER been on a roller coaster lol
Hey fine by me I don't care !
But I also been thinking of taking the 2 young ones to the Zoo prolly on a Tuesday since it's cheaper.... thinking thinking but ya I just wanna get out and do stuff after my cleaning is done & hubby is at work
I have no idea how stir crazy Ill be once we move cause our friends we live around then either sleep all day or work so... god I am gonna go crazy better get a white room ready, haha kidding, hopefully my friends from back this way wont mind the 30-45min drive to come visit or come get me etc *crosses fingers*
Well hubbys off the next 2 days and his dad is back in town *groan*
So.... yeah

Wish me luck =P

*spin in chair*


*jump up & down*

*spin spin in chair*


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