Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sad Stuff

is feeling like her heart has been stabbed, ripped in half, and trampled on

Just wen u think u have no more tears u start to cry again, and then u realize that just like last time there is nobody to wipe away Ur tears and say I love you

If I were gone would you even care? would you sit down and cry? or would you be happier because things are easier for you now?

Feels like a knife is in her heart and everyday it's pushed in more and more by the people she loves...

A Mistake is when something is done once maybe twice! If it's repeated again & again It's called a Habit!! Then the word Sorry means nothing!! Get the Hint!!!

You said you'd never break my heart you said you'd never make me cry. So all those times that you did , did you close your eyes?

it takes a minute to like someone, a month to love someone, but to forget someone takes a lifetime

I wanna hug you, if only you would hug me back. I wanna kiss you, if only you would kiss me back. I love you, if only you would love me back.

is riding the biggest emotional roller-coaster ever. Will someone please let me off, I want to feel normal again. :(

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