Thursday, July 08, 2010

Weight Updates!!

Wow I just keep dropping & be honest I have not had anytime to workout, I am not complaining on that fact just shocked! I been just so stressed with the house stuff, my father in law, hubby... father in law is trying to control EVERYTHING when it comes to selling MINE & HUBBYS house & I been very annoyed to the point after telling my father in law NO BACK OFF for the last 3yrs and with hubby not saying anything I finally gave up, decided to spend a lot of time at my friends house hanging out there helping out & spending time with the kids, I didn't care I was well still am tired!

Father in law was away for the last week which was nice hubby & I had a few talks and spats and came to a agreement on some stuff but saying and doing are 2 diff things for him seriously =P

His dad came back last night to do some work I wasn't here though I went to my friends and left a nice little note on the table (trust me I know why my mother in law isn't married to him anymore lol) But hubby is starting to act like him & he doesn't realize how controlling hes getting and saying who I can and can't hang out with & when I need to be home etc, hes lightened up quite a bit since a week ago prolly cause his dads been gone or was... but i told him u need to stand up to your dad cause i been just turning blue so yeah ..

I am a survivor though always have been, just tuff stuff, tho going from 255lbs to 176lbs in 15.5 months tho rocks! Tho now my BMI went from 44 15.5 months ago now to a 30 I am officially at the bottom of the obese chart since 30+ is considered obese... I am happy where I am at though my belly is a pain to get rid of but the rest of me is rock solid muscle ; ) ~ I wanted my goal of 150 or so but at this point Im happy so if I lose I lose as long as I don't go back above 200 Ill be happy no matter what =) Also... While I was gone for 2 weeks there, I was a size 16 or so when I left.... I can officially say... I fit into my size 14s but I have room LOL so..... yay!? =)

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