Friday, July 02, 2010

Wonder Woman gets 21st century makeover

.... She's to skinny now IMO
...... where did the cleavage go?

Well off to sleep busy day of housework again tomorrow ..... *sigh* I don't mind being home full time & taking care of the house and such but this cleaning things are not dirty is ridiculous seriously like the realiter lady said people are gonna realize ppl still live here & it don't have to be perfect... she needs to tell hubby & my father in law that!! ~ Well sleep now.... Ill go dream of being on a roller coaster since it will be the closest I get to one for now and enjoy my safe & happy feeling while we still live in the house (before it sells) we are in now before I move away from all my friends I hang out with or talk to on a regular bases cause I know once I move I wont see most of them anymore which sucks total balls....... Ill live I guess but I don't think Ill be as happy as I have been, just have to wait & see I guess.... Sleep seriously now... my mind been going a mile a second on thinking I need to try & relax some more my head really hurts, but seriously thing is I move far that way I don't think Ill be home much since Ill be hanging out with friends if I am able to get to them or they are able to get to me *yawn* But Ill prolly be home on hubbys off days, who knows *thud* ....... Zzzzzzz

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