Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well last time I went over to my friends was last Friday, hung out with the kids & Colored some pictures for when the guys got back from NY. Was quite a bit of fun! ~ Time after that was Sunday when I went to pick up her son & friend from NY and come back here to watch movies, she was at work and my other friend (Her hubby) was sleeping cause he drove all the way from NY back so understandable why he was so tired. But little did I know that they had some chores to do before they left, so since then she told me she wasn't mad at me when she picked them up Sunday but I haven't seen her or talked to her even on facebook & Ive tired calling but no luck getting in touch with anyone which makes me wonder & yet sad at the same time.

I know shes been on Facebook cause I see her posts from the fb games. Not sure what's going on there, Ive talked to her son everything seems to be okay, but doesn't help me from worrying since her mom said she wasn't feeling good come Sunday evening, so I been trying to see how shes feeling and find out her schedule cause id like to hang out and do girly things u know? Exp tomorrow since Hubby is working & Ill have the car tomorrow. Which will be nice for once =D ~ Do gotta go fix there pc at some point, it's still not fixed either that or Ill have to bring it over here. Since the house is up for sale and what not.

Went to my OB yesterday & my doc, things went okay at the OB waiting on more test results, and doctor went okay tests came back well BUT my blood pressure is high was 140/101 ..... prolly partly cause of the phenterme and today was the first day without it, I ate 3 drumsticks, baked chicken, fries and that's it really.... doesn't sound like much but was quite a bit.... That could be one reason why my BP is high but also cause of the stress from selling the house and dealing with my father in law and his controlling bull. Hubby been acting like him at times or just agreeing with him which stresses me out even more, sometimes crying helps me calm down but then I am really upset and want to leave for awhile but it's kinda hard to do, since when I try to get in touch with folks doesn't workout to well that way.

I still really am against selling the house cause I don't' want to move, but I really don't have a choice, Ive tired to explain my peace and fears and everything but I am just told I am being silly, I don't like moving for the fact I have done it so much from the time I was born til I was 23/24, I finally have a place I can call home for the last 5.5 years, every time I move I lose those I love and care about or I lose touch or I never see them again and I don't want that to happen since most of my friends I hang out with are this way cause everyone where hubby wants to move to I make plans they get changed or dropped completely which totally sucks. I know a few said we will still come visit but when is the question, I'm just sad that we will move when the house sells part of me doesn't want it to sell but id like a bigger house but I just dunno anymore I feel like I am starting in a slump of depression and I can't get out mainly started yesterday after my doc apps... =(

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