Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drop 10 lbs Without Even Trying!

Monday: Skip the Grande Vanilla Latte.
There's more than just a sugary jolt of caffeine to beat the Monday blues. Substitute with a brewed black coffee (without the sugar!) and save 250 calories (1,750 per week).

Tuesday: Spritz your salad.
Salads can be false friends: they seem healthy but become a caloric nightmare when loaded with dressing. Invest in an oil spritzer or try Hellman's salad spritzers and save 100 calories (700 per week).

Wednesday: Say no to mayo.
A sandwich is the easiest lunch to whip together, but gets weighed down with the fatty white spread. Replace with mustard – all the zip with zero fat. Save 100 calories (700 per week).

Thursday: Ditch the fat.
Stir-fry veggies with broth instead of oil (or even better, steam them) and save 115 calories (805 per week).

Friday: Add sparkle to your happy hour.
Don't let diets cramp your social style. Have a vodka soda with a splash of cranberry juice in lieu of your cosmo and save 90 calories (for two drinks).

Saturday: Walk your errands.
Slip walking into your busy schedule by breaking it down into 20-minute chunks. Walk to the market, take a stroll with your best gal pal or walk the dog. Burn 180 calories per hour (1,260 per week).

Sunday: Have a leaner brunch.
Try poached eggs instead of fried or scrambled and save 50 calories. Cut out another 60 cals by swapping your regular bacon with turkey bacon.

100 calories saved per day = lose about 1 pound a month
200 calories saved per day = lose about 2 pounds
500 calories saved per day = lose about 4 pounds

Control Your Portions.
Take one serving, and not a gigantic one! You can save serious calories by controlling your urge to go back for seconds or thirds.

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