Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Am Not Stupid, Seriously!

Other day the Mr and I got into a argument due to him smoking again, he was doing great on the quitting thing, 6-8 months smoke free then our friend died, I could understand him starting up again reason I didn't say anything. But he came to me and said after the pack he had that was it. I said fine I didn't wanna fight about it cause I understood who what where when and why... you know?

Well me always screaming from the rooftops how proud I am of him for quitting, helping people in City of Heroes, facebook and other sites and giving them tips and telling them still how proud I am. I feel like I was blowing smoke out my ass now. I caught hubby yet again this past Sunday night, he clams it was only ONE, still our promise was I lose the weight I need to get prego he quits, simple right?

I been smoke free for 9 years, I know how the quitting thing goes. At the time I quit I was with someone who couldn't stand smoke and it made him sick, gave me WILLPOWER and all that stuffs. You think when someone or something means alot to you ... you get that WILLPOWER. Right?

Well after our little spite he tossed the rest of the pack in the trash but this is where the I am not stupid comes in... he took them OUT of the pack and put em in there so they had coffee grinds and other trash all over them, did I count em? Heck ya and I know a pack is 20, I counted 13 + the 2 he said he smoked is 15, the other 5? I know he is hiding em in the car under his seat, caught him this morning getting in the car and looking under the seat. He didn't know it but ya I was watching though the window, my mother/wife tingle went off. He tried to play it off but I am seriously not stupid, he is in for it when he gets home, he knows better.

I catch him again though all bets are off, I will flush my weight loss stuff down the toilet. I am so mad right now I don't care if we have kids or not. As much as I want kids it hurts like hell when people can't keep there promises.

Can I have the knife outta my chest nao?
k thx bi

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