Sunday, June 14, 2009

Food Diary - June 14th 2009

1 glass of lemonade, Scrambled Eggs with red onion, green pepper and black olives and 2 tbs of salsa (5 carbs)

Activity: Errands, walking walking and housework, laundry up and down the stairs, dishes, etc etc

Lunch: Water, wasn't all that hungry late breakfast

Supper: BBQ'd chicken breast and 4 inch thick slices of grilled zuccini (5carbs - homemade bbq sauce bump'd the carb count )

Snack: Popcle (4carbs).

Total Carbs for the day: Looks like 14
Current weight: 223

Goal Weight: 145lbs, 78lbs to go!!!!

So far in 11 weeks I have lost 27lbs and 12inches total ..... and I seriously really hope my body isn't teasing me cause I really want off this plateau!!

I want to be 215 or less by the end of July!
Hoping for my goal by my birthday!

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