Friday, June 26, 2009

Ranting.... ---> the post....

This is a "friends" blog, seems she posted it in the week after the weekend we invited them over for a BBQ. We invited them last minute, at first where just gonna have our usual gamer friends but after we found out that our friend died, we started inviting EVERYONE even our neighbours. Seems she still has beef with me or pretty jealous, who knows, comes off as both to me, and others.

Friends I think we are?

Let's start here... I dunno what kinda friends we are for one, never knew. Maybe in the beginning we where good friends or just friends period. Be honest I can't trust her, she's just got that feel to her, one min being one thing, next min someone else. Kinda feel I had with my last best friend who are not friends with me anymore kinda feel because she pretended to be alot of things, goth, punk, grunge, morbid, the list goes on...

She also seems so buddy buddy when we are around one another, hubby becomes happy cause we are getting along after all our differences Mamabear and I... yeah right I believe em to cause well who knows right? So who the hell knows where her mind set is... I thought we where becoming friends at least the kind to get along and chat now and again about anything.

Hubby and I had issues sure what marriage doesn't... we got over em. Now we can't get enough of one another ;)

Change her friend is the next thing...


I am not trying to change him, he is changing himself.
I mentioned the smoking cause I was planning ahead thinking of our kids and his health, I mean his dad just lost a gf a few years ago to cancer, I don't think we wanna go though the same thing. We made a list of reasons to quit he said he wants to grow old with me and have LOTS of kids and be there for every part of there life and ours, we both see ourselves at 90 years old watching movies on dvd while the kids and grandkids have some new funky tech. :)

He doesn't want to drink anymore, he See's what it's been doing to his brother, and his brother's gf and there relationship, as well as he knows I hate drinking because my dad was a alcoholic.


He wants to get his family started, cut out all the bad things in life and move on. He things saved up and in order, get life on track, his dream = FAMILY WITH ME!

8 times over the last 4 years....

Life changes, things change, people don't' come around as often, its a proven fact, people need to move on and get over it too, we will see you when we see you kinda thing, happens all the time, we invite people we don't see often to comicbook conventions or gaming conventions or over to visit, not our fault they don't wanna come.

Reason hubby and I go everywhere together is I don't get out much as it is, I am home all day, hubby wants to take me places even if its down to the corner store, just so we can go out and do things and have fun. We don't' like going anywhere without one another and ya we are married. Hubby always tells me his fav part of the day is coming home and hanging out with me or D20 gaming with me and our friends. He couldn't ask for more :)

Everyone we know (cept a few) tell hubby how lucky he is to have me in his life and he agrees and there is ALOT of people who are jealous and they need to back off!

This curtain will not fall so people need to get that thought outta there head. When we got married 4.5 years ago we made sure this is the one and this is it, together forever and that is our plan, we love one another to much not to expecally after everything we been though its just made us stronger. :)

Well time to get my workout on, down to 222lbs finally 28lbs GONE BABY! Not bad for 3 months of work! 72lbs left! Hopefully!

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