Thursday, June 04, 2009

Food Diary - June 4th 2009


1L of Peach tea, 1oz of BBQ baked nachos & 1 cup of strawberries It was before my workout so I am allowed

Activity: Biggest Loser Bootcamp level 1

2 eggs scrambbled (These don't count towards carbs cause im allowed unlimited eggs)

Snack: 1 cup of cottage cheese 1L of peach tea (4 carbs)

Lunch: 1 cup of broccoli (4 carbs) salad (4 carbs)

Snack: black olives (1 carb)


Roast Beef (0 carbs) with beets (4 carbs) Mushrooms (.5 carbs) = 4.5 carbs total

1L Peach Tea ( yes crystal light again, 0 carbs)

Snack: Sugar free popcle, cherry, 4 carbs, Green tea

Total Carbs for the day: roughly 21.5 (Ya 1.5 over)

Current weight: 225

Goal Weight: 140

85lbs to go

So far in 10 weeks I have lost 25lbs and 12inches total

Still stuck on this plateau i was told since I been working out so hard everyday my body prolly hasn't had time to catch up, im gonna stop working out for a few days give it time to catch up, i was told that usually works, im sure it will i hope it will :)

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