Saturday, June 27, 2009

Updates of Life & Food Diary

I have my food diary for today already cause If i eat anything else I thinks I am gonna blow up.....


2 celery stalks with peanut butter (3 carbs)


Chinese Buffet!

Chicken, meatballs (6), 2 pieces of broccoli, more chicken, pork, chicken & mushrooms, cheese, chicken & jalapenos prolly all in all I dunno how many carbs..... not many since it was a ton of meat!
Diet Pepsi with lemon

I don't think I am gonna eat anything for the rest of the day cept maybe more peanut butter & celery late later tonight if anything if not just fill up on more water cause i been drinking gallons of that ! :)

Checked the scale this morning when I woke up, down 29lbs total now, pretty good for just over 3 months of work :)

This means I have 71lbs left to the goal I wanna do.

Today hubby and I also had a convo....

Me: Do you think I am controlling & trying to change you?

Hubby: Have you been taking those online stupid quiz things again?

Me: No... just something I read on a "friends" blog....

Hubby: Ya but so what, your my wife your allowed to do that, if I didn't wanna change who I am or bad habits of being single I wouldn't of married you 4.5 years ago, but that's what marriage is about.

Me: true there is somethings you wanted/want to change about me too and we are working together to do it right and yours?

Hubby: Yuppers, so don't worry about it who cares what others think.

Me: Thanks, I love you

Hubby: I love you too :)

I thought for awhile I was getting controlling or whatever because of something I read... but I am a wife guess I am allowed :P

I mean I am not HUGE controlling just well sure hubby's quitting smoking but hes wanted to do that for years I am just there to give him that extra bump, his whole family is smoke free but his brother and he is trying to quit too, and quit drinking.

So brother and brother work together, how cute! LOL!

Other then that, time to go to some cleaning on the basement, Father in law is banging away in the spare room putting the finishing touches on that room, Hubby just woke up at is gonna help me :)

When he goes to work later I think I am gonna play some city of heroes for once, then when he gets home in the morning hes gonna nap, get up we will work more on the basement then just R&R and finish watching Hogfather or Jack of All Trades, then back to the weekly grind.

He figures one or 2 overtime shifts a month will help us, he starts his 10hr days week after next so 2 days of reno work/seeing new houses etc etc and one day of gaming with friends :)

We need to get moving if we wanna get stuff done by spring, I know his dad is pushing us to get moving so time to do it ;)

EDIT: Well also had some homemade chocolate moose tonight and a small handful of nuts, equals my day out to 20 carbs total prolly.

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