Monday, June 22, 2009

Food Diary - June 20th & 21st

June 20th

A Bit late on updating but the weekend was really busy for us.
Saturday we woke up and jumped into the car and hit the grocery store.
On the way I munched on beef jerky (1 carb, 80 cals)
When we got home put the groceries up and made a strawberry smoothie with vanilla yogert and 1 cup of diet cranberry juice (29 carbs total, dunno on cals)
Hubby drank half and I drank the other half so prolly 14.5 carbs total)
We then went to our friends place and went to free RPG day, walk walk walk walk some more..... lots of walking. lol.

Lunch ~ We went to CiCi's $4.99 all you can eat pizza/salad buffet

I usually just do the salad and ask for a crust less pizza, not this time! I went all out, Salad bar was crappy looking so I went and ate pizza (with crust) ya I know bad me....

When we got back to our friends for RPG gaming and a round of KILLER BUNNIES we had pop (I stuck with my diet like a good girl) and chips, had a bowl full roughly, BAD I KNOW!

I am paying for it now, gotta work extra hard to get off any weight gain now lol, I don't even wanna look at the scale, seriously!

June 21st

Back on track....
Sausage and Eggs for breakfast (2 carbs)(cals not sure)
Lunch Ceaser Salad (3 carbs) (cals dunno)
Dinner Beef Soup (6-8 carbs) (cals dunno)
1 spite zero (0 cals and carbs)

That's it!

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