Friday, June 19, 2009

Food Diary: June 19th 2009

Well last night I stayed up past my bedtime to wash up hubbys uniforms for work since I forgot (BAD ME) and I played some coh and chatted with a friend on facebook and got some pointers from her :)

Here is my food diary for today, I noticed that reason why my weight been slow going getting off is because im pretty much starving myself when it comes to food, my doc said 20 carbs a day but with that im only getting maybe 300-500 cals total a day when i add it all up... SOMETIMES LESS! but I am getting my 20 carbs or less thats after my workout factors and before I am only eating maybe 100 to 200 max of cals... nuts eh?

Well here is the food diary for today :)

Before workout:

1/2 oz beef jerky (.5 carbs) (40 cals)
2 glasses of water
2 peices of wheat bread (26 carbs) (150 cals)
2 tablespoons of peanut butter (6 carbs) (200 cals)

Workout - Biggest Loser Cardio Max Level 1

Lunch (after workout)

Beef Stir Fry (slow roasted the beef from 6am til noon)
(8 carbs total) (65 cals from the veggies)
Not sure on the meat......
3 glasses of water....


Ceaser Salad (3 carbs) (235 cals)
broken down:
Lettace = 20 cals (3 carbs)
Dressing = 160 cals (0 carbs)
Parm cheese fresh = 55 cals (carbs don't count im allowed unlimited cheese)


Ice cream with chocolate chips and sugar free strawberry peserves (full serving tonight, bad I know) .....

30 carbs (210 cals)

Broken down:

Ice cream (16 carbs) (130 cals)
Strawberry peserves (sugar free) = (5 carbs) (10 cals)
Chocolate chips = (9 carbs) (70 cals)

2 more glasses of water
1 can of Fresca (0 carbs) (0 cals)

Carb total before workout 32.5 (since I burned it off, dont' count)

Carb total after workout 41 (ya 21 over cause of ice cream)

Cals total before workout = 390

Cals total after workout = 510

Weight is down to 222lbs now, seems like I am giving my body what it needs *fingers crossed* Gonna lay off the ice cream though and go back to my sugar free popcyles that are only 4 carbs, eat stir frys, beef jerky, peanut butter and toast before workouts with some fruits or fruit smoothie, Ill figure it out :)

I have noticed that my arms have been getting more muscle mass *Rawr* :grin: So that's a good thing, well off to watch some more netflix with hubby then FREE RPG day tomorrow so alot of walking ahead of me ;)

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