Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Food Diary - June 29th 2009

Well I went 3 carbs over yesterday, oops
but had just a lil over 1100 cals, so not bad.

Before my workout I had some meat and watermelon, that set me for workout.

I did bob's biggest loser bootcamp level 1

then I had some beef jerky (.5 carbs)

for lunch I had some chicken and green beans (7 carbs)

snack I had some cottage cheese (4 carbs)

Dinner I had 3 hot dogs, no buns of course (12 carbs)
(Thats what made me go over lol)
Also had made some devil'd eggs but used real mayo (0 carbs hint of mustard 0 carbs) but those didnt count cause I can have unlimited eggs but I had 4 peices.

Overall I think I did good

Weight now = 220 !!! YEAH!

30lbs down 70lbs to go!!

Not bad for 13 weeks!
Thats like almost 10lbs a month... wonder if I can do the last 70 before my birthday

Just got done cutting the grass... 45mins, now to do bootcamp level 1...

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