Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Am Not Stupid, Seriously! ... Part 2

Well since yesterday the Mr and I had a talk
He knows he was wrong, I went to the car and looked under the seat and yup a whole pack, I have them hiding now. He knows I got them, he knows it was wrong.
I hate fighting over little things like this, I mean when you are paying for smoke free stuff the deal is.... stay that way!
I understand it can be hard, been there done it myself, but this is a promise and choice one has made for him and myself and looking at the future also for our kids.
So that is the same with me, losing my quitting smoking weight, so let's keep on it together eh? That's the plan and let's stick to it, when we get moved into our new house next year hopefully it will be time to start a family, that's the plan. :)

I mean when you love someone more then enough you bend over backwards for one another, I mean I didn't expect him to change because I wanted him too, it's just I was thinking about his health, our kids health when that day comes, second hand smoke is more of a killer when it comes to smoking, expecally to babies, I was thinking of my health too but I was concerned about his and future kids. One habit of mine, always planning ahead.

His dad lost his girlfriend 2 or 3 years ago now to smoking, it was really sad. I watched her on some weekends while he was out. It made me miss hubby more and realize we needed to do something too. I want to grow old with him and I want us to be around for our kids weddings and grand kids being born and the whole thing, he is wanting to change because of those things most of all. We made a list of why he wants to quit and those where on it.

So for those of you who say otherwise, you don't know people as you think you do. We love one another very much, he says I am the best thing that's ever happened to him I feel the same, we have so much to live for and be together for, our hopes and dreams are coming together slow but sure. Before we got married 4.5 years ago, we made a promise no matter what this is where we are staying side by side always and forever so this curtain will NEVER fall. We mean to much to one another.

We go alot of places together since I am home 100% of the time when hubby goes places he takes me with him even if it is to the store, why? Cause I don't get out much and I don't have many friends around here. His friends are my friends and my friends are his. The friends he doesn't go see with me are Amy and Ms Gloria from when I worked at Bath & Body Works but getting together with them is once in a very long time, expecally now since Ms Gloria is back under kemo.

Once hubby goes to 4 days a week we will be spending alot of time on the house so his Dad can stop worrying about our time line and know we are getting things done, we will spend 2 days doing that and the other day gaming with friends. Other friends wonder why we don't come see them as much, it's because of the schedule difference, or because I know some people don't like me and you know what some people don't like hubby and I being together but guess what... TO BAD! That's the reason why those friends are not friends anymore to either of us.

Hubby has a few friends he has been friends with since he was 10 or so, so that's along time, they are like brothers to him and I think a friendship that long deserves a metal :)

Well on this note, workout is done, have some dishes to do, laundry to put away, think I am just gonna relax til hubby comes home, and we go buy him some more smoke free gum :)

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