Monday, June 08, 2009

Food Diary - June 8th 2009

1 glass of green tea chilled, peice of pork steak left over from the night before - 0 carbs

Activity: Moving stuff and packing stuff, cleaning the house, laundry, dishes, etc etc

Snack: Cottage Cheese (3 carbs)

Lunch: Bowl of Broccoli steamed (4 carbs)

pork steak with BBQ sauce & zuccini chips - (5 carbs)

Snack: have not had it yet but I am thinking popcorn I shouldn't.. carbs but I dunno I have the sweet/salty craving going right now....

Total Carbs for the day: Looks like under 20 right now but if I have popcorn it will be over 20, maybe Ill just have a popcycle instead which is 4 carbs and id still be under 20..... choices choices

Current weight: 225

Goal Weight: 145lbs, 80lbs to go!!!!

So far in 10 weeks I have lost 25lbs and 12inches total ..... and I really want off this plateau!!

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