Thursday, June 18, 2009

Food Diary - June 18th 2009

Breakfast Before workout:
1 glass of H20, Small handful of grapes

Activity: Bootcamp levels 1 and 2, housework - dishes & laundry sweeping and other stuff

Snack: beef jerky - 1 carb, water

Lunch: Sprite Zero (0 carbs), Taco salad (6 carbs)

Snack: grape sugar free popclce (4 carbs)

Supper: ceaser salad (0 carb dressing) 3 carbs, 1/2 can of sprite zero, ice cream for dessert (7 carbs)

Total Carbs for the day: Looks like 20ish

Current weight: 223

Goal Weight: 145lbs, 78lbs to go!!!!

So far in 11 weeks I have lost 27lbs and 12inches total ..... and I seriously really hope my body isn't teasing me cause I don't want to be on a plateau again come on weight get off seriously!!!

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