Thursday, June 11, 2009

Food Diary - June 10th 2009

1 glass of green tea chilled, 2 hard boiled eggs

Activity: Moving stuff and packing stuff, cleaning the house, laundry, dishes, etc etc

Snack: 1oz beef jerky, green tea (1 carb - beef jerky)

Lunch: Pizza Soup (leftovers)(8 carbs), more green tea!

Turkey Breast Roasted, 1/4 cup spinach (4 carbs from spinach) pink lemonade! (0 carbs - crystal light ftw!)

Snack: Popcorn (7 carbs)

Total Carbs for the day: Looks like right @ 20!! GO ME!

Current weight: 224

Goal Weight: 145lbs, 79lbs to go!!!!

So far in 11 weeks I have lost 26lbs and 12inches total ..... and I really hope my body isn't teasing me cause I want off this plateau!!

I also should be back on track with Bob's Challenges and Bootcamp workout tomorrow... cause the week from hell will be over :p

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