Friday, June 26, 2009

Food Diary - June 25th 2009

Before Workout

14oz of Muscle milk light (4 carbs)
Celery & peanut butter (5 carbs)


Biggest Loser - Bootcamp Level 1

After Workout

Cauliflower & cheese (3 carbs)


Celery & peanut butter (5 carbs)
Ceaser salad (3 carbs)


3 hot dogs (12 carbs)
Mustard (0 carbs)
Pepsi Lime (0 carbs)


1/4 cup of Macadamia nuts (1 carb)

Total - 24

Ya I know 4 over....
I found when I drank the muscle milk I was full, really full, was good too.
But I think I am going to keep the last 2 bottles I have for the weekend, I picked em up for 70 cents each to give em a try.
My body has been getting more firm too :)

I feel great and hubby says I look great and ive always been beautiful he says but I look even more so now with my glow, yay!!

Weight - 223lbs

Down 27lbs as of June 25th!!
Be back to my skinny fit self in no time!!
72lbs to go to my goal!

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